'To be the best' is a phrase that has driven hundreds of thousands of people throughout the aeons. We are no exception, we aim for the stars, and plan to reach them. We all share a deep passion for self-improvement, whether that self-improvement is found in Sports, in our Relationships, or even in the way we do Business. In everything we seek to reach our own individual state's of perfections.

It is from this drive and this passion that we resolved to found Muse Fitness. To provide an environment that will help every single person in reaching out to their own stars, to provide an experience in which they are both challenged and yet calm.

This is not an easy goal to make manifest, which is why have partnered with some of the best trainers and athletes across South-East Asia. Many of whom are still competing Champions in their field, internationally-known names such as Wong Lei Biao, Chris. They will provide regularly scheduled events aimed at fostering your physical well-being and greater self.

In crafting this experience we have aimed for our center to function not simply as a training ground, but a complex physical fitness experience which each person can further tailor to their specific needs, to their own reality. Which is why we have acquired not only the best staff possible, but the best equipment out there on the market to accommodate. Finally, we have included live music and an in-house Cafe', designed to complement strenuous exercise with relaxation and properly balanced nutrition. For from a sound body comes a sound mind.

We aim to conquer the world with each of our selves as the starting point and be the best Muay Thai Gym in Singapore, are you with us?


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07:00AM - 10:00PM

07:00AM - 08:00PM


Unlimited All Rounder Monthly Rate
Students & Full-Time National Service Men $150
Adults $225


Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that has descended from the Siam Region and consequently from Thailand, becoming the next adopted combat system after the ancient art of Muay Boran. It is often referred to as the art of the eight limbs – and is one of the most recent sensations in the world of MMA and other relevant.
Please contact us directly to find out more about all the prices and packages that we currently have on offer. We offer a wide range of package combinations in Personal, Group and Corporate Training, allowing for Muay Thai to be combined with Fitness and other programs such as Cross Functional Training, HIIT Training and more. Our group classes run for 90 minutes and our personal training classes’ time may be adjusted to your preference.
You will require a set of hand-wraps and gloves (available over our counter) for the start. Normal sports wear would be sufficient, however we do strongly encourage for all to be dressed in our MUSE – in house cool-fit t-shirts and custom made Muay Thai shorts for your convenience. Pants should allow for loose leg movement for kicks and other leg techniques. We strongly urge all ladies and gentlemen to be respectful to the nature and origins of the sport of Muay Thai through dressing in a modest manner. No uniform required? No problem! Come empty handed and we will have you settled right on the spot.
Our Muay Thai classes are open to absolutely all individuals. At Muse Fitness Club, you will meet various professional working individuals, entrepreneurs, and sports personas – all in a friendly, family-like environment.
Of course you can! In fact, our Muay Thai Personal Training is on the most popular mode of training among all, as it allows for precise guidance and fast-pace improvement and progress of the individual. Please contact us directly to find out more about this.
Yes we do! We work in close ties with numerous corporate groups and organizations, catering to all needs and requirements. We offer group packages to all – families and business organizations; not only making our clients champions in the ring but also at their work places and in personal lives; through improvement of their mental and physical well-being. Please contact us directly to find out more about this.
Of course we do. Muse Fitness Club has both, a sports-café and a gear shop carrying an extensive menu on both sides. Our gear shops sells all the Muay Thai necessities inclusive of shirts, shorts, mouth guards, shin guards, groin guards, gloves, hand-wraps, ankle guards and anything that you can imagine. Currently, we are also privileged to carry the Limited-Edition Stocks of Banchamek Gym’s Apparel by Buakaw. In our sports- café, we have partnered with some of the best nutrition choices there are on the market with varies supplements and health snacks available.
Not at all! In fact, that is one of the first things we tell to our clients – do not be afraid! With the correct guidance of our Trainers, even when competing, Muay Thai will be an exceptionally fun work out for you and your friends rather than a hazard.
Absolutely not. We are here to cater to your needs and to get you into your individual ultimate physical condition.
There are numerous with Muse Fitness Club. We are currently in the process of expanding our Muay Thai Fight Team and there are plenty of opportunities for your growth and dreams here. Our Fight Team Members enjoy special rates, sponsorships, organized fight opportunities, travel opportunities and much more. Please contact us directly to find out more about this.
Of course, you can! Download Parental Consent Form and get it filled out and signed by your parent/guardian before coming down for your trial/class.
Unfortunately, you don't, but full-time students and NSF enjoy a 40% discount on all packages purchased with us!